How to Entertain International Guests

The internet provides many opportunities for business, one of them being the ability to trade internationally. And while business is business, the challenge often felt by many now-global companies is understanding the international business culture and treating their guests well and with respect during their visits. This post has three great and safe ways to entertain an international business guest. Start With Their Accommodation Where you choose to host your guests can say a lot about Read more [...]

Why colours are important in your marketing and branding strategy

  Colours are crucial in your marketing and branding strategy and are something that needs to be carefully and clearly considered. I will attempt to explain why this is in this article and I have attached a very interesting infographic that I came across recently that should give you some food for thought when it comes to the best uses of colour in marketing and branding.   Colours complement design Good design is paramount in terms of selling things, people are far less inclined Read more [...]

Increase Your Bottom Line Through Employee Happiness

Company owners looking to increase their bottom line often look to an increase in their productivity, usually at the expense of what is seen as additional workforce or the reduction of ongoing costs. While it’s true that this can see results, they are often limited and almost definitely short lived. For an increase in ongoing profit margins a smart company owner knows to look deeper - employee happiness.   Increase Through Ideas Just like mentioned above, there are tried and true Read more [...]

Tips for improving your dental marketing

Ok, so you have a good dental practice and a great service that you are offering, there is no reason why you shouldn’t market something good and the best way to get people to come to your practice is to get some exposure for you and your brand. But where should you start and how exactly? Here are some great tips for starting your journey into dental marketing. Get your patients to work for you One of the best ways to branch out as a dentistry is to start a referral program for your existing Read more [...]

Don’t let humor in social media backfire on you

We can all remember reading something funny or seeing a video on social media that made us laugh. Using humour on social media can certainly go a long way, if you’re planning on employing humour as one of your social media activities then this article is ideal for you. Broadgate Mainland have compiled a great list of tips and tricks that will help you get off on the right foot and also make sure that you stay on track as time goes by. It comes as no great surprise that humour in advertising Read more [...]

3 Reasons why you need to hire a supply chain consultant

The supply chain of your company is the key to increasing your profits; if you have a smooth system in place then you will boost your margins, whilst if there is an inefficient stream of commerce it will drain your income. Supply chain management is the controlling of  your goods, right from the raw material to the end product. It certainly can be a very complex process which has only been made more difficult as manufacturers and distributors are becoming more and more globalised. To give you Read more [...]

Three tips to improve your website design

    Improving the design of your website is one of the best ways to get people onto your website and to stay on it, which will hopefully help your business to create more conversion, but where is the best place to start? This article will talk about some really simple tips to help you get your website where it needs to be.   Focus on the important things This is the most obvious thing to do, however despite how obvious it may be there are countless websites that do not place Read more [...]

Marketing your dentistry online

There are so many options when it comes to online marketing for dentists that it can be confusing to decide what you should and shouldn’t do. The best idea is a combination of marketing activities to maximize their effectiveness and this article will talk more about some of the marketing activities that your business could do.   It is important to remember that dentists are extremely competitive and that online marketing will form an important component of your marketing, marketing in Read more [...]

The importance of online marketing

In a new digital age where everyone has a smartphone and the internet is used by all, it is really important to consider how this affects our businesses. The use of online marketing services in Cornwall and any other area you can possibly imagine is fast becoming the norm in marketing for businesses, this is because of the limitless boundaries of the internet and the ability to get your product to basically anyone in the world. In days gone by the internet started as a way to share small amounts Read more [...]

When might you need to hire a solicitor?

Sometimes it can feel like quite a daunting process when you are thinking about hiring a solicitor, this is mainly because the idea of going through a legal process can cause many dilemmas. Hiring a solicitor is always essential if you want any legal situation to go as smoothly as possible. When you are unsure on any issue about what action to take then approaching an experienced solicitor is always the best move, this is because you will get informed and expert advice. There are a wide range Read more [...]
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